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Web site development

Realize all the potential of the Web

We develop Web sites with XHtml/CSS technology, conforming to the standards of the Word Wide Web Consortium, W3C. We assure our clients full compatibility with the greatest array of browsers and operating systems; through this technology and these standards, we can guarantee Web sites indexed for the most important search engines. Because Eureka4Design has as its primary objective not to ‘nickel and dime’ its clients but instead to provide them with a true investment in the power of coupling their Web sites with a powerful system of content management, we can lower the costs of updating and transforming your Web site into a tool.

We develop dynamic Web sites, updateable for the client by means of our content management system, with the power to create an unlimited number of pages and to manage those already existing. Working from the graphic project, we develop a database to meet the needs of the clients, achieving implementation of the site in a very short time. 

Online ad campaigns and banner development

We develop online ad campaigns, working from analysis of the target audience to development of banners in various format for a variety of networks. We develop banners using Flash technology, with images substituted in animated Gif, or static Jpg banners. 


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