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IT specialists since 1996

Serving a broad customer base, Eureka4Design provides a wide variety of services, from troubleshooting to on-site assistance and innovative applications.
We offer the highest quality service and skills forged from 
university-level training in IT, more than a decade of experience abroad, employment at IBM® in Great Britain and other large companies, and ongoing training. 

As we continuously track product trends and master the latest applications, we also listen to what our clients tell us about their work and their needs. Unique and innovative, like our clients, Eureka4Design, our newest Web-based service, is for small businesses, organizations, schools, and individuals.


Step into the future with Eureka4Design, and since no two clients are alike, we designed Eureka4Design for limitless possibilities.
We deliver unique,innovativeWeb-based solutions, from a simple digital space to hang a logo to a fully realized Web site . . . or more.

Just as an experienced tailor creatively uses materials, and colors to express the wearer’s inimitable style, we design and build to suit each individual client’s needs. 
Whether the purpose is marketing or networking, Eureka4Design is flexible enough to meet current objectives or prepare for future growth.


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